Zuli x SPD Smart Glass

Zuli works with Research Frontiers SPD Smart Glass to create a one of a kind experience in your home. Within the Zuli app, control the tint of your Smart Glass – while also giving your windows the power to react to your presence.

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What is SPD Smart Glass?

SPD-Smart technology allows you to change the tint of your windows and skylights instantly, either at the touch of a button, or automatically.

SPD-SmartGlass reduces cooling energy requirements in the summer, and heating energy requirements in the winter, by maintaining a pre-selected ideal level of light and temperature. SPD-SmartGlass also blocks harmful UV rays at all times.

Control daylight from your phone

Now Zuli and SPD Smartglass integrate to provide full control and scheduling from the Zuli App. You can also enable Zuli Presence to adjust the tint of your Smartglass simply by walking into a room.

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