Everyone has their own idea of comfort

Imagine coming home to a warm, perfectly lit room without ever touching a thing. No switches, no dials — just instant ambiance that adapts to your preferences. It’s like you’re one with the surroundings, your home catering to whatever makes you most comfortable.

It moves with you

Step into the living room to the sound of your speakers popping on at the perfect soothing volume for the end of a long day. The hall light by the door goes dark as you walk away, and the table lamp next to the couch clicks on.

Everything within reach

Kick your feet up. You’re going to be relaxing here for a while. Because everything you need to feel at home is connected to the Zuli app and just a touch away.

Your home adapts

When it’s time to gear up and head back into the harsh elements of the real world, out of your cocoon of comfort, all of your amenities get their chance to relax until you return. Lights, thermostat, music — everything shuts off automatically to save you time, energy…and worry.

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