Everyone has their own idea of comfort

It takes a lot of electricity to power all your creature comforts. Having more insight into where that energy goes leads to smarter decisions about usage — and sweeter savings on your utility bill — without sacrificing the little things you love.

Essential perks

With the espresso machine already scheduled to start heating while you’re still in bed, it’s easy to kick every day off on the right note (of robust, dark roasted flavor). Especially when you know it’s only the first of many ways your home is about to be of help.

Insider knowledge

Coffee in hand, it’s time to get comfortable and figure out how your home can get more efficient. All it takes is a quick glance at the Zuli app to see detailed information about energy consumption and cost for every appliance — so you know where to save.

Perfect getaway

Your home is also efficient when you’re away, because everything shuts off automatically the second you walk out the door. The lights go dark, unnecessary devices shut off, and hot appliances cool down. So your home stays safe — and so does your budget.

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