Everyone has their own idea of comfort

You have way more important things to think about than whether your lights and appliances are on — or off — at the right time. Simple things like that should just take care of themselves so you can focus on taking care of your family.

Safety first

When you’ve got your hands full, your home is there to help. Only the lights and appliances you need in the moment are active. The ones you don’t — the iron, toaster oven, space heater — shut off automatically so you never have to worry about accidents.

A parent’s best friend

Sometimes getting up just isn’t an option, and you need to settle in for awhile. That’s when you dim the lights from the Zuli app on your phone and enjoy a little quiet time. All the essentials in your home are at hand for those do-not-disturb moments.

More quality time

Life is that special thing happening in between all the stuff on your to-do list. And you’re free to enjoy it because dinner is out of sight, out of mind, and still on time thanks to the preset schedule controlling your crockpot. Eat, play, love.

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