Zuli launches in retail nationwide

Zuli | September 29th, 2015

We are very excited to announce that the Zuli Smartplug, the only home product that senses your presence, is now available at more than 900 Lowe’s Stores nationwide and on Lowes.com.


Lowe’s, the leading home-improvement retailer in the world, will feature Zuli, the featured smart plug on the Works with Nest platform, on an interactive end cap and alongside other Nest and Works with Nest products. To purchase or check local availability, visit lowes.com.


“Our team has been working really hard for the last two years to bring the hands-free home to life” said Taylor Umphreys, co-founder and CEO of Zuli. “Zuli is the simplest way to create a smart home and manage your energy usage. We are very excited that the Zuli Smartplug will now be available to the general public nationwide through a great retailer like Lowe’s”.


Zuli first unveiled its flagship product, the Zuli Smartplug, in January 2014. The Zuli Smartplug enables simple control of anything you can plug into it from your smartphone, turns any lamp into a dimmer and allows you to set any appliance on a schedule. Zuli also ensures the lowest possible energy consumption by enabling users to monitor their use directly from the app, revealing electricity-usage patterns by device and allowing auto shut-off of appliances when you leave any given room.


Our patented technology, Zuli Presence™, uses proprietary algorithms to sense when a user enters or exits a room and responds by automatically adjusting your lights, appliances, and your thermostat to your preferences — setting the perfect ambiance as soon as you arrive and ensuring maximum energy savings by shutting off unused devices.


“Zuli is building the invisible interface to the home, allowing your physical environment to seamlessly adjust to your location and behavior.” said Sid Bhargava, co-founder and CTO of Zuli. “The first generation of connected products required a lot of manual control and programming and failed to deliver enough value to the consumer. Zuli is leading the second generation of connected home products that learn from you, and adjust passively based on your identity, and your personal preferences.”


Since it’s debut, Zuli has announced partnerships with Nest, Logitech and Research Frontiers (makers of Smart Glass).




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