The Zuli Smartplug vs other smart plugs

Zuli | July 29th, 2015

Those of you that watch the smart home/IoT space know that there are several smart plugs currently on the market. Zuli’s Smartplug is simply one of the options out there. We happen to think it’s the best option, but we wanted to tell you why.


First a little background on how Zuli came to be…


Zuli’s founders set out to create Zuli Smartplugs because they felt that your home should simply be more helpful. When they started playing around with other home automation and smart home devices that were on the market, they faced two major obstacles:


#1 While the products did perform helpful functions, the products were typically complicated and difficult to set up. Overall they weren’t very user friendly.


#2 All of the products on the market focused on working with appliances once you were outside of the home. There was nothing out there that was making the in-home experience better.


So Taylor, Sid and Ben set out to create something bigger than just another smart plug. They wanted to create the hands free home. The Zuli Smartplug is Zuli’s first product to contribute to that vision.


The Zuli Smartplug rolls many features of other devices and smart plugs on the market into one while contributing to building on the vision of a hands-free home. Those features include: scheduling, energy monitoring, basic on/off control, the ability to turn any lamp or plugged in lighting fixutre into a dimmable light, and presence detection (without the use of sensors and monitors.)


Here’s how we’re different:




Zuli wanted to create a Smartplug that focused on quality. We wanted to avoid obstructing both outlets and make sure the device didn’t protrude from the wall further than a normal appliance plugged in to the wall would. Solution: we created a sleek plug with the outlet receptacle on the side. The overall look and feel is simple and made to blend in with any environment.




The Zuli Smartplug is as easy to set up as plugging in your Smartplug and appliance and downloading the Zuli app. The entire set up takes less than a minute. Additionally, the app itself is extremely easy to use offering only the most necessary screens and controls.




Zuli created a proprietary Presence technology built off of Bluetooth Smart that is enabled when you have three or more Smartplugs (our Presence Pack.) With Zuli Presence your appliances know exactly who is home and where they are in their home. No additional sensors or monitors are required to enable this technology.

Presence allows users to leave home with peace of mind knowing that all of their lights and appliances, like that coffee pot, are off. Additionally, Zuli presence helps you save energy by shutting off the appliances you aren’t using when you leave a room. Save energy without even trying.


Learn more about the technology behind Zuli’s Smartplug here.




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