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Zuli | March 19th, 2015

As some of you may know, our beta Kickstarter backers got the first Zuli Smartplug units at the end of January. This was a significant milestone for Zuli. It has been an incredibly enlightening process for us as we get feedback from the first users, outside of Zuli, to use our Smartplugs and the Zuli app.


We’ve gotten a tremendous amount of detailed feedback that has allowed us to make final tweaks and changes to the hardware and the app to deliver a user experience we are satisfied with.


As we are ramping up to our full production launch, we wanted to share some insights from one of our beta backers with you to get you excited about your Zuli Smartplugs.


Francis Camosse, a Zuli beta backer, was in the Tiny House Nation episode back in September that featured Zuli Smartplugs. On the episode, Francis received a 150 square foot mobile, bachelor pad with the promise to be equipped with Zuli Smartplugs.


Francis, 29, learned about the idea of downsizing when he spent 5 months walking form the west coast to the east coast, a journey of 3,200 miles, back in 2010.


He and his tiny home currently reside in Charlton, Massachusetts.


“I find myself having the most fun traveling, meeting new people, and creating in any way possible,” said Francis about his lifestyle. “Living in a tiny house creates many challenges and I have tried to combine my love for problem solving with creating and making the most out of the small space I have.”


We asked Francis some pointed questions about his Zuli Smartplug beta experience. Here’s what he had to say:


What have you enjoyed the most about Zuli Smartplugs?


The convenience and ease of use on my phone. Very easy to read and operate.


What is your favorite appliance in your home?


My countertop oven (Breville) It is such a compact appliance but has the potential to cook anything I would be able to in a regular sized oven with ¼ of space and energy.


When you first heard of Zuli Smartplugs, what were you most excited to use them for?


When I heard they could tell you how much energy you use, I planned on measuring everything in my house to see how many solar panels I would need to run everything in my house. The Smartplugs have not only done that, but allowed me to set schedules to heat my house while I am sleeping in the bitter cold of New England winter.


Have you used your Smartplugs for anything else since you received them?


I have used them on my oven, television, and space heater. So much power is siphoned off from the little lights left on appliances and to be able to keep things plugged in and not use power has been a big plus in my tiny house.


What has intrigued you the most about Zuli Smartplugs?


I love the ability to set schedules for things such as space heaters. Also I love being able to see my energy consumption right on my phone.


What are your thoughts on the Zuli Smartplug design?


I like the orientation of them so it does not require both outlets. The packaging was gorgeous and made it feel very high-end and good quality.


Who would you recommend purchase a Zuli Smartplug?


Any tiny home owners, or someone who is concerned with their electricity consumption. Or anyone who loves technology and wants to be on the cutting edge of this Bluetooth technology.


How does Zuli differ from others in this space?


I haven’t seen anything like it. Especially the ease of use and setup.




We were so pleased to have Francis be part of the Zuli Smartplug beta team. All of our beta users have a wide variety of unique and intriguing backgrounds which has given us all-encompassing insights as to how users may use Zuli Smartplugs and what challenges they have had.


We are doing our best to incorporate adaptions to resolve any of these issues and are so excited to get Smartplugs to the rest of the Kickstarter backers and pre-orders.




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