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Home Hacks | November 25th, 2015

There’s a reason they say there’s no place like home for the holidays. For most, it embodies the ideal sense of comfort. We like that. Here at Zuli we’re big fans of making your home as comfortable as possible. For the holiday shopping season, we asked the Zuli staff to share some of their favorite home pieces.


We broke down our favorites into the latest tech gadgets for the home and some of our favorite pieces. Here is the 2015 Home Gift Guide we came up with:

No technology required.


home gift guide
Colored Map of California– $49


Who to buy for: The Californian in your life.


Art is always a great gift for anyone who’s recently moved or has a lot of white space happening in their home. We love this California print from City Prints, a family-run company that makes fine art map prints. Not from California? They make over 700 awesome maps of college campuses, world cities and even sports stadiums.


Carcassonne– $34.99


Who to buy for: Anyone who enjoys a solid family (or friends!) game night. This is a great change from the standard Monopoly, Life, etc.


Carcassonne is a modern tile-based, German-style board game for 2 to 5 players. It’s a game for all ages that combines strategy, fun, building. A great game that doesn’t involve any technology.


home gift guide
Apolis Striped Alpaca Blanket– $348


Who to buy for: Someone you want to get close and comfortable with.


This Alpaca Tassel Blanket is worth the price. Made from the softest 100% extra fine baby alpaca wool in Lima, Peru. Apolis partnered with a 35 person Peruvian co-op to hand loom an accessory that could “make anywhere feel like home.” Enough said. Measures 70″ x 53″.


Whiskey Glasses– $45


Who to buy for: The whiskey drinker in your life. Anyone you know have a bar cart? This makes a great addition.


These 14 oz whiskey drinking glasses breaks down the major varieties of whiskey into its constituent parts and variations. The vintage 70’s vibe is a nice finishing touch.



A Tablet-Holding Cutting Board -$125


Who to buy for: The chef in your life who cruises Pinterest constantly looking for new recipes to try.


The team from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks have created the iBlock, a beautiful, durable cutting board that holds your iPad. Talk about convenience. Bonus: the cutting boards are reversible.  The raised back serves as a stop to keep the cutting board flush against the edge of a counter when cutting.


For those looking to give the magic of modern technology.


Zuli Presence Pack home gift guide

Zuli Smartplugs– $159.99


Who to buy for: Apartment or home owners who appreciate high quality design and comfort.


Coming home to the exact lighting and temperature you like really puts the cherry on top of coming home. With the Zuli Presence Pack you can give the gift of total comfort. Your home simply adapts to you. In addition to adapting to your personal lighting and temperature preference, Zuli Smartplugs also allow you to control your devices from your phone, set any light and appliance on a schedule, dim any dimmable lightbulb from your phone and monitor your home’s energy consumption.


Pryme Lockup

Vessyl– $99


Who to buy for: Anyone on your list interested in health or fitness. Very easy to use,  so it’s a great gift for even your most “un-techie” friend or relative.


Pryme Vessyl is a new cup that determines and tracks your unique hydration needs throughout the day. Pryme takes in the volume of water consumed along with the manual information like your height, weight, or recent physical activity that you can input in the companion app.



Root– $299


Who to buy for: Anyone who’s a fan of fresh herbs and/or greenery in their home but isn’t alwas the best at keeping plants alive.


ROOT is a connected device that allows you to grow your favorite herbs and plants with minimal upkeep. With automatic water and LED light settings you can control the growth of your plant. The connected app sends you reminders of when to add water and nutrients. The ROOT base is 30 inches tall and 10 inches wide and can help grow a wide variety of plants and herbs including lettuce, leafy greens, woody herbs, vine plants, edible flowers, medicinal herbs and more! Additionally, ROOT uses LEDs energy-efficient lights, making it a much more cost-effective way to grow indoors.


home gift guide

Drop– $99.95


Who to buy for: Drop is another great gift for the chef in your life. (Pairs nicely with the Brooklyn Butcher Block pictured above.)


The Drop kitchen scale truly brings recipes to life. The Drop Scale and Recipe App walks you through any of their recipes and makes cooking easy for just about anyone. From burgers, to dessert to cocktails, the Recipe App has hundreds of delicious, adventurous recipes for you to try. The best part is that the recipes can easily be modified if you don’t have enough of the right ingredients or want to substitute ingredients.


From all of us at Zuli, best of luck navigating the masses while shopping this holiday season.




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