How to use Zuli for Home Safety

Home Hacks | November 4th, 2015

We know you really enjoy using your Smartplugs to avoid getting off the couch or out of bed to hit the lights, but there are so many other great use cases, including, ensuring home safety, that Zuli Smartplugs can be used for.


Dangerous appliances


Whether it’s the iron, your hair straightener or the coffee pot, we have all been subject to leaving a dangerous appliance on once or twice in our day. This morning happening can be very dangerous- especially when you have little ones running around who like to grab any and every thing.


With Zuli Presence, you can make any appliance automatically shut off when you leave your house or any given room ensuring that those dangerous appliances will not be left on.


Home protection


Most people who travel for work a lot or are frequently out of town, tend to at least leave a front hall light on. Many will invest in those very difficult to use, old-fashioned timers.


With the Zuli app, you can easily set different lights on varied schedules throughout the week you’re gone to add an extra layer of security.

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Schedule heating and cooling units


In addition to scheduling your lights, you can also schedule heating and cooling units such as a space heater and/or an air conditioning unit. This can be incredibly helpful in the winter and summer months.


Instead of having your space heater run all evening to give you extra warmth, have it run intermittently. Instead of having your air conditioning unit run all day so you can come home to a cool house, set it on a schedule to turn on 15 minutes or so before you arrive home.  Both solutions could potentially help reduce the risk of hazards brought about by overheating of higher power consuming products.


How do you use smart home devices to ensure home safety?




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