How to Entertain with Zuli

Home Hacks | July 24th, 2015

Having a get together with friends? Hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Throwing a birthday bash? Whatever the occasion may be, when hosting a dinner party, Zuli can really help put the finishing touches on an evening. (As far as the guest list, cooking and cocktails go- we can’t really help you there.)




With Zuli Smartplugs you can set all of your lights- be they lamps, Christmas or festive string lights- to create the perfect ambiance in all rooms of your home. Zuli allows you to dim any dimmable lightbulb (most are) right from the app.




Need to turn the music on or off from the kitchen or dinning room table? With Zuli Smartplugs you can easily turn your music player on or off from the Zuli app.




After the oven gets cranking and bodies fill up yoru apartment, the temperature can rise quickly. With the Zuli and Nest Thermostat integration you can also manually control your Nest from the Zuli app.




Additionally, Zuli allows you to be energy efficient without any extra thought on your part. With Zuli Presence, while you’re running from room to room preparing for your guests to arrive, don’t worry about turning lights on and off as you enter and exit the rooms in your home. Zuli will adjust the lights for you.




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