Balancing Working in Tech and Being a Dad

Home Hacks | June 19th, 2015

The folks here at Zuli are an eclectic group when it comes to age, interests and outside work life. Our newest team member, Paul, does an incredible job balancing being a dad while simultaneously working very hard on the team here at Zuli.


In honor of Father’s Day, we asked Paul some questions about what it’s like to balance working in tech and being a dad.


Paul, originally from Oakland, now lives in San Francisco with his New England wife and three children (12, 10 and 10- that’s right, twins!) He balances working for us here at Zuli as a software engineer and spending time with his family on vacation and playing board games. A true family man. A family man who also happens to love technology.


What are some of the biggest day-to-day challenges you face as a working father?


Paul: Helping out around the house on weekdays. I have to leave early to get to the office, work in the zone all day, try to get back for dinner and spend a couple hours family time, and often work a couple hours after kids are in bed. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for chipping in during the week. I do generally double down on the weekends, but it’s still a challenge.


What are the most helpful gadgets in your home?


P: Smart phone and calendar app, hands down. Keeps the family schedule at my fingertips and it’s always up to date. The appointment reminder is the key, makes it so I don’t miss the kids’ special events.


What are some of your personal favorite, recent technology advancements?


P: The new crazy cool toys coming out for golfers. My favorite is definitely the one you connect to your golf club and it tells you all about your swing and trains you to do the right thing. Very cool.


Do your kids have a favorite “tech” toy?


P: iPad. There is no close second.


What gadget do you wish someone would create to help you out as a parent?


P: The “plan and cook dinner” robot.


What’s the funniest thing you’re child has done recently?


P: When I brought home my first 3-pack of Zuli Smartplugs, my daughter pulled one out of the box and rubbed it against her face and said, “Oooh… soft.”


What would be the best advice you could give new dads?


P: Spend as much time with the kids (and spouse/partner) as possible. It’s cliche, but time goes so fast. My daughter is 12 and only has 6 more years with us before heading off to college! How did that happen? Cherish what you’ve got while you’ve got it.


Happy Father’s Day to Paul, and all of the awesome, hard-working dads out there.




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