9 Ways to Reduce Home Energy Consumption

Energy | October 28th, 2014

In celebration of Friday’s Halloween holiday, we’ve got something REALLY scary to show you. Check out this “Energy Slayer Calculator” created by Duke Energy. Enter the appropriate values and see just how much money you are losing to vampire energy, aka wasted home energy consumption.


Those dollars add up, huh? Well, we’ve got some clever ways to help you reduce that cost.


9 ways to reduce home energy consumption:


1. Take care of your refrigerator. Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy users in the home. Clean the condenser coils frequently to keep it operating efficiently. Like mom said, do not leave the door open! Keep a good balance of food stocked- don’t overcrowd and block air circulation, but also keep enough to prevent large amounts of cold air being lost when the door is open. Keep the temp above 36 degrees and below 42 degrees.


2. Put computers in sleep mode or turn off. Don’t leave it plugged in. Don’t leave your computer plugged in and on all night. If you’re not using your desktop or laptop, shut it off and unplug it. If you need to leave it plugged in to charge, you can still turn it off or put it into sleep mode to lower energy consumption.


3. Cut down on oven usage. Especially when reheating foods, if you can, use the microwave. When you do use the oven, remember to keep it closed not allowing heat to escape as much as possible.


4. Clean your clothes the right way. Use your washing machine the appropriate way- make sure you adjust the water level based on the amount of clothes you are washing. Additionally, try air drying clothes if you have the space and ability to do so.


5. Pack your dishwasher until it’s full. Load your dishwasher efficiently and to the fullest before running it. If it’s an option, use the air dry option vs. the heated dry option to save a little extra energy.


6. Adjust your thermostat accordingly. When sleeping all tucked in at night, you don’t need your house to be heated like you would during the day time. Turn the thermostat down a notch or two. Additionally, if no one is going to be at home during the day, turn it down. Nest, the home automated thermostat that adjusts to your preferences, is a great modern improvement to the thermostat.


7. Clean air conditioning and heating filters. When your air conditioning and heating filters get dirty and clogged they have to work harder to cool or heat, which uses more energy. By regularly cleaning vents and filters, you can help reduce energy consumption.


8. Be conscious of appliance usage when you watch TV. A lot of us don’t realize just how many lights we’ve left on around the house when we are watching television. Additionally, do you need the lights at full luminosity when watching a TV set that’s already lighting the room?


9. Use Zuli Smartplugs. Not only can Zuli Smartplugs detect when you leave the room and shut off your appliances, you can also schedule when to use appliances and dim lights that were previously not dimmable. Additionally, the energy dashboard within the app will show you just how much each appliance plugged into a Zuli Smartplug is costing and where you could potentially cut energy costs. The Zuli Smartplug will then help you make automatic Zuli recipes to implement those cost cutting tactics.


What other clever tactics do you implement to reduce home energy consumption? Post them in the comments below.




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